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Penetration Testing


Accel Infotec’s penetration testing is second to none. We customize our testing team based around the target environment, ensuring that no stone is left unturned.We work closely with our customers to develop carefully crafted rules of engagement that fully address your needs. We can perform Whitebox and/or Blackbox testing, web application testing, wireless security assessments, social engineering scenarios and more. Our team is flexible enough to perform our testing at the times that best suit your needs and respects your business operations (off-hours, nights, weekends).

We don’t just automate and scan. Our team of elite CEH utilize industry leading tools and methodologies to guarantee that we find any vulnerabilities before they’ve been exploited.  Our engineers have proven hands-on experience with everything from black-box/ commercial communications systems, extensive mainframe financial systems, web-based applications, robotic/sensor systems, medical devices/systems, authentication/ encryption applications, slim/fat client applications, embedded systems, wireless systems, and entire data facilities.

Our team utilizes industries best tools for penetration testing methodology that has been refined over the years and is built on the best industry standards.  This custom methodology is augmented with the use of internally developed Accel Infotec’s methodology that provide automation and efficiencies for each test phase.  This approaches allows Accel Infotec penetration tests to provide maximum level of depth and analysis at competitive pricing. ​

So ask yourself, “How much data am I willing to lose?” When the answer is “None,” reach out to us and sleep well knowing that your systems and your customer’s data is secure. Mail us at