• Comprehensive Time Management: RaideTime is a sophisticated Time Management Software that comprehensively streamlines the working hours of the workforce, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in tracking time-related activities.
  • Advanced Face Recognition: The solution incorporates advanced face recognition technology for precise employee identification, providing a secure and convenient method for tracking attendance and working hours.

  • Geographical Boundaries and Location Tracking: RaideTime sets geographical boundaries and actively tracks the location of employees. This feature is particularly valuable for organizations with mobile or field-based teams, enhancing visibility into workforce movements.
  • Shift Adjustment Capabilities: The TMS dynamically adjusts shifts, accommodating various work schedules including morning, evening, and night shifts. This adaptability ensures accurate time tracking for diverse work arrangements.
  • Automated Timesheet Preparation: RaideTime automates the preparation of timesheets, simplifying the process of recording and managing employee work hours. This automation contributes to increased accuracy in payroll and resource management.
  • Detailed Employment Practice Reports:The software generates detailed reports on various employment practices within the organization, offering insights into attendance, working hours, shift patterns, and other critical metrics.
  • Secure and Convenient Employee Identification:By utilizing face recognition, Raide TMS provides a secure and convenient means of employee identification, minimizing the risk of time fraud and ensuring precise attendance tracking.

    1. Real-time Monitoring and Optimization:The TMS allows real-time monitoring of employee locations and working hours, empowering managers to optimize workforce productivity and make data-driven decisions.
    2. Enhanced Payroll Accuracy:Through automated timesheets and accurate data, Raide TMS enhances payroll accuracy, reducing errors associated with manual timekeeping and ensuring fair compensation for employees.
    3. Adaptability to Diverse Work Environments:Raide TMS is adaptable to various work environments, making it suitable for organizations with diverse working arrangements, including remote work and flexible schedules.
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